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Orines or Ornaments are small splashing of love that you hang or tuck around your home all year long. Change then out as your moodd changes. Just a small simple way to bring in the new.

Monday, June 20, 2011

OH My Goodness where has Sandi Been?

Hello everyone no I did not dissapear into thin air but I have gone thru some fun medical stuff and my oldest daughter Keelee (my artist and rosary maker) recently got hitched. Kassy is finished with Paul Mitchell Hair School and is now an Independent Hair and Makeup Designer and loves what she is doing.

So Mom thought it is time to start slowly working again on some fun things for everyone. June and July Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns our Mother Shoppe is the feature artist for The Little Black Boxes. For June if you order a box you will receive one of our newest "ornies" Shweet Potato Heads. In July the whole box will be full of things to create for the holidays, so there will be a Sassy Ornie in the box, with stuffing and items to complete it along with instructions.

Wanted to show you the newest Shweet Potato Head which can be an ornie, bowl filler or as was made for The Little Black Boxes, a magnet. If you want to purchase a box just hit the links in blue. If you want to order some for yourself and maybe even custom design them come on over to Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns and look for the Shweet Potato Head buttom and check them out.

Hope to see you back again VERY VERY Soon with my next ornie a Raggedy Clown!

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